She Believed She Could So She Did

She Believed She Could So She Did - Typography Print 8x10

She Believed She Could So She Did – Typography Print 8×10

“She Believed She Could So She Did” – is by far one of my favorite quotes. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was inspired to create this typography print. I designed it in honor of a special women in my life who is currently battling breast cancer and I decided to share this on the blog in hopes that other women might benefit from this empowering message as well.

Feel free to pin or share, but please be sure to credit and if you wish to have a print, just send me an email ( dabbledigital @ )

Back in Action

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted and without going into too much detail I will just sum it up into  – we moved across the country and I had another baby. I now have TWO boys. If you have children then you know how little time there is for yourself to take a shower, let alone time to craft. BUT, I have recently picked up my paintbrush again and am enjoying the 30 minutes or so that I can carve out of my day to do something creative – for myself. It might be tough, but it is so important to take that time!

Actually I have to share that as I am trying to type this my 4yr old is banging his legos on my desk and asking me to build a rocket ship and my 5 month old just woke from a nap, so I must now go build a space ship and change a diaper… but I am excited to be blogging  again have several new craft ideas to share with you soon!

Colored Sand Craft

My 2yr old and I had fun creating these colorful fish this weekend. Here’s how you can do it to!

What You Need & Where to Get it:


  • Pour small amounts of colored sand into several toddler friendly containers. I used small plastic snack bowls. We had one red, one blue, one yellow and one purple.
  • Allow your child to insert the funnel into the plastic fish and dump the sand into the funnel. A little goes a long way, so as long as there is only a little bit of sand in each container, you’ll be able to create more colorfully layered fish.
  • Tip: We made several fish pretty quickly, but my son still wanted to play, so I just let him dump a fish out and play with the leftover sand. Of course the colors got all mixed up, but he didn’t care and he was entertained for a while, so it was a win for both of us!

Don’t Just Pin – Do

Ok, I’ll admit it, I love me some Pinterest, BUT I see so many great ideas that I am constantly just pinning and have yet to get around to actually DOING most of the things I have tagged that I love. So what about actually doing? Have we gotten so wrapped up in our electronic lives that we all of our time searching for the perfect craft.. the perfect decor item… the perfect organization idea, but less time actually DOING? I hope not… I just created this to remind me. 🙂 I am all for inspiration and I think Pinterest is great, but let’s not forget to DO!

Happy Crafting!

Quick Candle Holder Craft

I had these Ivory Chimneys from Gold Canyon and I wanted to add a little splash of color to them to fit my decor in my living room. I decided to do a quick and easy candle wrap. Here’s how you can do it too!

Supplies You’ll Need:


  • 3″ Ribbon (to match your decor)
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape

Cut the ribbon to fit the diameter of the candle holder.

Attach it to the holder by placing a small amount of double sided tape on each ribbon end and secure them together. It’s important that you don’t use the double sided tape on the Chimneys themselves because it could peel the paint up.

 That’s it! You have a splash of color in your candle arrangement. Since the ribbon is not attached to actual chimney, they are also easy to remove so you can still burn tealights inside.

Finished Candle Display