DABBLE Scrapbook Inspired Frame

I saw these adorable frames while I was traveling recently and I thought there had to be a way to make them myself for cheaper. It took some planning, but I figured it out, so now I want to pass on this technique to you.

Scrapbook Inspired Frame

Scrapbook Inspired Frame

First, I started with a wooden frame that I already had on hand. Price $1

Plain Wooden Frame

Plain Wooden Frame

Then, I painted the frame using Liquitex acrylic paint. I found that when painting on wooden opjects, it is best to use a foam brush because it fills the cracks in the wood frame nicely. Plus the paint turns out smooth and even.

Painted Wooden Frame

Painted Wooden Frame

Next, I picked from my assortment of scrap paper to coordinate with the color of the frame. I decided on a flower pattern that matched the color I painted on the frame. I decoupaged the paper to the frame by soaking the paper in water for 10 seconds (until it relaxed a bit),


I applied a thin layer of adhesive (also by liquitex, but a thin layer of Elmer’s glue also works) and then I placed the paper on the frame. I smoothed out the wrinkles and let it dry.

paper adhered to frame

paper adhered to frame

Once the frame was dry, I cut the excess paper from the center of the frame with an xacto knife. I then glued  paper flowers with brads to add some decoration the other 1/2 of the frame. I like making asymetrical pieces, I feel it makes for a more interesting outcome. I let the project dry over night, then I was done!

The finished product!

The finished product!


About dabblearts

Whether it's an idea that comes from a friend, or from a local shop, if I like it, I will try to make it. My mission is to pass that inspiration onto others. I will post new projects or craft tips on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy taking this crafting journey with me and please, if you find something you'd like to make, but don't have the time or energy to try, send it to and maybe I'll make it my next DABBLE.

One thought on “DABBLE Scrapbook Inspired Frame

  1. Totally excited to do this project – can’t wait to get crafty! Really looking forward to some creative inspiration in my life…

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