DABBLE Crafting Party

Dabble Scrapbook Frames

Dabble Scrapbook Frames

In lieu of posting a project this week, I thought I would take a minute to talk about my trip to AZ and the DABBLE craft party.

I had such a great time  in Arizona. Not only did I get a chance to catch up with family and friends, but I also got to teach a DABBLE party “She’s Crafty” at Britta’s house.  The idea behind my DABBLE crafting parties is simple, you gather your friends and I arrive with all the craft supplies to teach everyone how to make a unique craft. The parties are a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning doing something creative while socializing with your friends. For Britta’s DABBLE party, we decided to do the “scrapbook inspired frames”.  

I was excited to teach a new technique on how to make scrapbook inspired frames. In my first attempt at making the frames, I used the decoupaging  like the one I posted here under “scrapbook inspired frame”, but I figured this technique would be to involved to teach for a 2hour class. I eventually figured out a different way to create these fabulous frames and I think they came out better than I had even expected! By simply gluing paper onto the frame and sanding it off, each dabbler made a unique frame that reflected their own personal style and showcased their creativity. I was thrilled to see that everyone was having a great time and was really enjoying making their frames. It reminded me of why I created DABBLE Arts & Crafts, to inspire creativity by providing fun & easy craft projects that anyone can do. The best part of the party was that everyone seemed truly happy with what they created and inspired to do more!

Britta and Amy's Frames

Britta and Amy's Frames

About dabblearts

Whether it's an idea that comes from a friend, or from a local shop, if I like it, I will try to make it. My mission is to pass that inspiration onto others. I will post new projects or craft tips on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy taking this crafting journey with me and please, if you find something you'd like to make, but don't have the time or energy to try, send it to and maybe I'll make it my next DABBLE.

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