Bridal Shower Party Favor

DABBLE Bridal Favor

DABBLE Bridal Favor

I have done a few bridal showers, baby showers, and dinner parties in my time… so coming up with unique party favors is one of my favorite things to do. This idea for a potted flower picture would work great for a bridal shower or a summer luncheon. It’s super easy to do and costs about $3 per favor.  You can personalize each place marker with your guest’s photo, or use photos of the guest of honor.

Here’s what you’ll need:

* Scissors

*Craft Glue


*Circle Cutter (or you can cut it by hand)

*Stem Wire (found in the floral section of craft stores)

*Foam Ball (also in floral section)

*Small Flower Pot

*Silk Flower

* Sheet of Green Felt


First, place a small amount of glue on the bottom of the foam ball and place it inside the flower pot.

Then, cut a small sqaure out of your felt sheet and glue it over the foam ball.


Then, cut a 1 inch x 4 inch (approx) strip of felt out. Cut fringe into the strip and glue it inside the flower pot.

Cut fringe into the strip

Cut fringe into the strip


Measure the ribbon to fit around the top of the flower pot, cut it and use a small amount of glue to make sure it stays in place. Tie a ribbon in the front.


Cut your picture out and glue it to the front of the silk flower.


Coil the stem wire. You want to make sure that you have at least 2 tight coils. You don’t want to many coils because the picture won’t lay in the coil very well.


Put the flower/picture into the coil and stick the stem into the middle of your flower pot.



That’s it! You have a personalized party favor that guests can take home.

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Where does inspiration come from? Currently I am feeling unmotivated, sleepy, and lack luster. I get down on myself for it, but then realize “what a minute– it has been tough year”! There are several obvious reasons for feeling exhausted and unmotivated at times, but how do I get out of it and find my inspiration to create again? Well first, I had to make a conscious decision to take a break, take a nap, read a book, listen to my body, and live in the moment. Simply put, take care of myself first.

A friend of mine told me that most of us either live in the past, which can cause feelings of disappointment or regret, whereas some of us live in the future, which can cause anxiety or nervousness about the unexpected. Very few of us actually “live in the moment”. She mentioned that when you travel you live in the moment the most. I have to agree. When I am traveling, I feel like a new person. I have a new identity. I am up for exploring new places, talking to people that I don’t know, trying new foods, RELAXing, reading an entire book. I am definitely not concerned about what I “should” be doing, haven’t done, or what I need to do next. It is the best feeling to live in the moment. To feel the sand under your toes, not just walk over it. To taste every sip of that vanilla bean coffee, not just chug it while your applying your makeup in the morning. To dance to reggae beats at the edge of the ocean under the moon light without worrying about getting your pants wet. (Wow, just thinking about that moment I had in the BVIs made me feel better).

It’s all of those things. I want to live in the moment more—–live like I am traveling everyday. I live in Los Angeles and haven’t taken advantage of all the amazing museums and culture that surrounds me (well not like I used to). Somewhere along the line I got “too busy”. Somewhere along the line the priority to make more money to pay for expensive things and fill my schedule until I collapsed became more important. Somewhere in there I lost myself–my artistic, creative, funny, relaxed, dance in the ocean with my clothes on, freer self.

Well it’s time to get back to that. To be inspired again. But first, I must take care of myself. Let the self demands go for now and relax. Live in the moment. That is my inspiration. Enjoy today.

enjoy the moment

enjoy the moment