She Believed She Could So She Did

She Believed She Could So She Did - Typography Print 8x10

She Believed She Could So She Did – Typography Print 8×10

“She Believed She Could So She Did” – is by far one of my favorite quotes. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was inspired to create this typography print. I designed it in honor of a special women in my life who is currently battling breast cancer and I decided to share this on the blog in hopes that other women might benefit from this empowering message as well.

Feel free to pin or share, but please be sure to credit and if you wish to have a print, just send me an email ( dabbledigital @ )

Back in Action

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted and without going into too much detail I will just sum it up into  – we moved across the country and I had another baby. I now have TWO boys. If you have children then you know how little time there is for yourself to take a shower, let alone time to craft. BUT, I have recently picked up my paintbrush again and am enjoying the 30 minutes or so that I can carve out of my day to do something creative – for myself. It might be tough, but it is so important to take that time!

Actually I have to share that as I am trying to type this my 4yr old is banging his legos on my desk and asking me to build a rocket ship and my 5 month old just woke from a nap, so I must now go build a space ship and change a diaper… but I am excited to be blogging  again have several new craft ideas to share with you soon!