Back in Action

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted and without going into too much detail I will just sum it up into  – we moved across the country and I had another baby. I now have TWO boys. If you have children then you know how little time there is for yourself to take a shower, let alone time to craft. BUT, I have recently picked up my paintbrush again and am enjoying the 30 minutes or so that I can carve out of my day to do something creative – for myself. It might be tough, but it is so important to take that time!

Actually I have to share that as I am trying to type this my 4yr old is banging his legos on my desk and asking me to build a rocket ship and my 5 month old just woke from a nap, so I must now go build a space ship and change a diaper… but I am excited to be blogging  again have several new craft ideas to share with you soon!

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Designer, video editor, and marketing professional looking to share experience and insights to foster the growth of small businesses.

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