About Dabble



If you found this page you must be into crafting. I LOVE all things crafty. When I walk into an arts and craft store, I often forget why I am there, buy way more materials than I need and leave with projects that had nothing to do with why I was there in the first place because I gravitate towards the unknown. I like to try various mediums and materials that I have not used before. I never get it “right” the first time I try something new, but eventually I figure it out and create something amazing – or at least I like to think I do. J –

I call myself a DABBLER and if any of that sounds like you, then you’re probably a DABBLER too.


Whether you are a DABBLE- aholic or a DABBLE-novice, Dabble Arts & Crafts is the place for you to find inspiration, share crafting tips and maybe have a laugh at my crafting mishaps.

I’ll post about whatever I am working on at the moment, projects that I’m selling, and more.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting to you!

-Jeni B

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