Colored Sand Craft

My 2yr old and I had fun creating these colorful fish this weekend. Here’s how you can do it to!

What You Need & Where to Get it:


  • Pour small amounts of colored sand into several toddler friendly containers. I used small plastic snack bowls. We had one red, one blue, one yellow and one purple.
  • Allow your child to insert the funnel into the plastic fish and dump the sand into the funnel. A little goes a long way, so as long as there is only a little bit of sand in each container, you’ll be able to create more colorfully layered fish.
  • Tip: We made several fish pretty quickly, but my son still wanted to play, so I just let him dump a fish out and play with the leftover sand. Of course the colors got all mixed up, but he didn’t care and he was entertained for a while, so it was a win for both of us!

Butterfly Craft

Here’s another simple craft for kids using items you have around the house.


What you’ll need:

*Toilet Paper Roll

*White Construction Paper


*2 Pipe Cleaners

*School Glue


Butterfly Craft Supplies

Butterfly Craft Supplies

Sketch out butterfly wings on the white paper (as pictured). Leave some space on one side of the paper (enough to cover the toilet paper roll). 


Draw Wings onto the Paper

Draw Wings onto the Paper

Cut out the wings. This is a great time to let your little one color the wings (it easier to let them color the wings before you attach them to the roll). Allow them to color the strip of paper that will cover the roll too. Then, apply glue to the paper and roll the paper onto the toilet paper roll so that it is completely covered. (as pictured)


Cover the Toilet Paper Roll

Cover the Toilet Paper Roll

Glue the wings to one side of the roll. Then glue (or tape) the pipe cleaners inside the tube allowing half of them to stick out as the antennas. 


Finished Butterfly

Finished Butterfly

 That’s it! Your Dabble Butterfly is finished. 


*NOTE, I actually used this project in my art class for kids 3-7yrs. I let them use water color paper and paint and they had a great time. The finished butterflies were really colorful and had an interesting tie die effect to them.

Paper Bag Puppet Owl

I teach an arts & crafts workshop once a month for kids 3-6yrs old. One of our sessions was all about puppet making, we made felt puppets and paper bag puppets. I decided to post this particular paper bag puppet because it was a huge hit with our 3yr olds.

First gather your supplies.

*1 paper lunch bag

*glue stick or liquid glue

*construction paper


*scissors (you will need to cut the pieces for your child)


*circle punch (I am horrible at cutting a perfect circle, so I like to use the cutter)

*sticker eyes

Paper Bag Puppe Supplies

Paper Bag Puppet Supplies

I used three different color pieces of construction paper. I did that so that the kids could identify them easier, but you can use one large piece of paper to cut all of the shapes from. If you are only going to use one color, use white so that they can color the pieces themselves.

Next, draw the shapes on the paper. You will need:

* 2 wings

*1 large triangle

*1 small triangle

*2 circles (about the size of a silver dollar)

*1 tail


Draw the Puppet Shapes

Draw the Puppet Shapes

Then, cut all of the shapes out. If your child is of age to use scissors, let them cut the pieces.

Puppet Pieces

Puppet Pieces

Before you begin gluing on the shapes, make sure the fold of the paper bag is facing up. Glue the large triangle first. Then the yellow triangle (for the beak), then glue on the white circles.



Then, flip the owl over and glue on the wings and the tail.

Owl- Back

Owl- Back

Flip the owl back over, stick the eye stickers on, or draw them in. Let your child color or decorate the owl with stickers.

Completed Owl Puppet

Completed Owl Puppet

Show your child how the puppet works by putting your hand inside the bag and moving the fold up & down to make the puppet “talk”. Even better, gather the family, make several puppets and have a puppet show!


Magnus coloring his puppet in a recent Dabble Workshop

Did you like this craft project? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

I will be posting tons of craft project ideas for kids so be sure to check back. 🙂