Where does inspiration come from? Currently I am feeling unmotivated, sleepy, and lack luster. I get down on myself for it, but then realize “what a minute– it has been tough year”! There are several obvious reasons for feeling exhausted and unmotivated at times, but how do I get out of it and find my inspiration to create again? Well first, I had to make a conscious decision to take a break, take a nap, read a book, listen to my body, and live in the moment. Simply put, take care of myself first.

A friend of mine told me that most of us either live in the past, which can cause feelings of disappointment or regret, whereas some of us live in the future, which can cause anxiety or nervousness about the unexpected. Very few of us actually “live in the moment”. She mentioned that when you travel you live in the moment the most. I have to agree. When I am traveling, I feel like a new person. I have a new identity. I am up for exploring new places, talking to people that I don’t know, trying new foods, RELAXing, reading an entire book. I am definitely not concerned about what I “should” be doing, haven’t done, or what I need to do next. It is the best feeling to live in the moment. To feel the sand under your toes, not just walk over it. To taste every sip of that vanilla bean coffee, not just chug it while your applying your makeup in the morning. To dance to reggae beats at the edge of the ocean under the moon light without worrying about getting your pants wet. (Wow, just thinking about that moment I had in the BVIs made me feel better).

It’s all of those things. I want to live in the moment more—–live like I am traveling everyday. I live in Los Angeles and haven’t taken advantage of all the amazing museums and culture that surrounds me (well not like I used to). Somewhere along the line I got “too busy”. Somewhere along the line the priority to make more money to pay for expensive things and fill my schedule until I collapsed became more important. Somewhere in there I lost myself–my artistic, creative, funny, relaxed, dance in the ocean with my clothes on, freer self.

Well it’s time to get back to that. To be inspired again. But first, I must take care of myself. Let the self demands go for now and relax. Live in the moment. That is my inspiration. Enjoy today.

enjoy the moment

enjoy the moment

About dabblearts

Whether it's an idea that comes from a friend, or from a local shop, if I like it, I will try to make it. My mission is to pass that inspiration onto others. I will post new projects or craft tips on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy taking this crafting journey with me and please, if you find something you'd like to make, but don't have the time or energy to try, send it to and maybe I'll make it my next DABBLE.

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